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About Me


Pavel Tomas Rehak




+420 731 928 336

Date Of Birth:

24 December 1994


Klasterec nad Orlici 224, 561 82


Czech Republic

I’m a young proactive ambitious student of Political Science at Charles University in Prague who goes for his dreams and goals while trying to leave behind a satisfaction of my friends, colleagues and clients delivered with the best possible results.

If you do what you like, it’s the key to success and that’s exactly what I do because of my studies and work, and all opportunities – those are my hobbies and for many reasons also something I can enjoy thanks to the European Union. I understand well the importance of learning and personal development that’s why I invest so much time to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in these fields or topics: international relations and security; training, seminars and non-formal education; media and marketing


What i can do better



Project Management

Good ideas, great connections and sharing of motivation and enthusiasm with colleagues were my strengths. Any successful project is based on a real vision and people I can rely on with whom I am surrounded to achieve the goals. I combine all of this with my know-how, experience and detailed planning skills.


It's so awesome exploring mountains, seas and cultures or the Czech countryside. It can be complicated by our budget, worries and lack of experience while buying tickets or booking a hostel. As a student, I understand how important is cheap travelling for us with safety first. I managed countless flights and trips for others. Use my skills easily.<br />

Social Sites, Media & PR

Any certificate is only a paper. I have some in this field though - I'm interested in some positive results of my work, they're the only prove. I learned to design a website by coding (HTML5, CSS3) or by using a WordPress, Tumblr or Wix systems to make it fancier. I empathise with your customers on several social networks and I'll 'sell' you.

Research. Texts. Analysis

I write all my life but It's not a fiction in nowadays... It's a different form of arts though. I help myself or the others to achieve their goals of success by professional papers or texts. Therefore I can prepare and consult your CV, motivation letter, reflection, essay and of course, your seminars and thesis. Use my skills for all of these.

My Work Experience



Internships and Experience :

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

2017 / Fall

Section of Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation:

International Relations Department

Office of the Government

2016 / 80h

Section of Deputy Prime Minister for the Science, Research and Innovation

Department of Advisors and Administration: Administrative work assistance; Detailed media research (radio, TV, newspaper) categorized by regions of the Czech Republic with an emphasis on parliamentary elections in October 2017; Attendance at meeting of the Science, Research and Innovation Council at Masaryk University in Brno; Visiting of the Ministry of Transport (Czech Republic), Familiarization with workspaces of the Office of the Government.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

2016 / 80h

The Youth Department: Non-Formal learnings settings, leisure-time activities and training

It’s a department responsible for state administration work towards Child and Youth work and policy by providing with support in the non-formal and leisure-time education. It helps (non-)organised young people and Youth workers in their activities, with the department’s equal approach of open dialogue.

Acquired skills: administrative work, databases and data analysis, visiting meeting of the committee, finance management of the high school resources; Work on the ‘Talented Youth’ programme and the EU programmes

Office of the Government

2016 / 4 - 9

European and Institutional Communication Department

National Convention on the EU: it’s a platform for discussion on the European questions in the Czech Republic which makes a connection among the representatives of the Government or Parliament and the professional public representatives. It aims to formulate specific recommendations for the European policy of the Czech Republic.

Eurocentre Prague: it’s a place where the public can ask and be answered on the EU questions

Institute of Political Science

2014 / 9 - 12

Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague

Continuous writing of the Seminar paper | Understanding the work of the NGO called Forum 50% aimed to defend and maintain a current proportion between men and women in politics and in decision-making | Visiting the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Political Science at Charles University in Prague.

Research title: Ideological Conviction and Interpretation of History: Comparison of Interpretative Trends in Teaching Modern History in Educational Process of Post-Communist Era

Study abroad :

Sciences Po

2018 / 1 - 5

Paris Institute of Political Science – Undergraduate College in Reims,

Certificate programme in International Affairs and Strategy

4th best in QS World University Rankings by subject 2017

University of Barcelona

2017 / 2 - 6

Faculty of Education – Social Work: Teacher Training and Education Science

Traineeship abroad: “Erasmus+ Traineeship” in the ESN Barcelona UB

Erasmus Student Network University of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Bachelor Thesis topic: “Catalonian National Identity

06. 02. – 12. 02. 2012      Comenius

18. 02. – 22. 02. 2013      ESF /OP VK/

02. 10. – 09. 10. 2015      Erasmus+ KA1 TC Projekt:

13. 03. – 21. 03. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 TC Projekt:

10. 05. – 20. 05. 2016      Erasmus+ KA3 TC Projekt:

20. 06. – 27. 06. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 YE Projekt:

20. 08. – 29. 08. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 YE Projekt:

03. 10. – 09. 10. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 TC Projekt:

09. 10. – 15. 10. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 TC Projekt:

23. 10. – 26. 10. 2016      Erasmus+ APV

16. 11. – 23. 11. 2016      Erasmus+ KA1 YE Projekt:

23. 02. – 28. 02. 2017      Erasmus+ TCA


International Project H2Ome 2010 – 2012

Winter School of Electrical Engineering – FEL ČVUT in Prague

Entrepreneurship & Growth: Cultivate your skills

All Different, All Equal Remastered – Multimedia and Diversity Training

Youth in Parliament

I am Skilled – I am Employed

Young people for their future


Identify (with) Your Well-Being

Advanced Planning Visit

3R – No Time to lose! Reduce, recycle, reuse

Partnerships in Erasmus+


Tarragona, Spain

Prague, Czech Republic

Vila Nova de Foz Coa, Portugal

Birmingham, UK

Ayvalik, Turkey

Bansko, Bulgaria

Maly Ratmirov, Czech Republic

Larnaca, Cyprus

Killarney, Ireland

Thessaloniki, Greece


Viseu, Portugal


Main education :

Charles University in Prague

2015 - 2019

Faculty of Arts, Political Science (2nd year)

Organisations and Activities: WYA – World Youth Alliance | AEGEE-Prague: European Students’ Forum |

IC CUNI – Charles University International Club (ESN) | Amnesty International (Czech Republic) | Projekt Pamět Národa – Post Bellum, o.p.s.  | ESN Mov’in Europe Ambassador of the Czech Republic

Volunteering at conferences: VI. Congress of Czech Political Science Association – ČSPV |

5th ASEM Rectors’ Conference and Students’ Forum (ARC5) | ECPR General Conference, Charles University in Prague  | Jean-Claud Juncker’s speech on the Future of Europe

Simulations and Models: Historical Simulation of the UN Security Council

J. K. Tyl Grammar School

2011 - 2015

J. K. Tyl Grammar School, Hradec Kralove

Organisations and Activities: J. K. Tyl Grammar School Alumni Club (AKGJKT)

Certificate: Summer with the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague 2014

Awards: National Presentation of the High School Scientific Activity (SOČ) in Pilsen 2014

3rd place | Field 17th Philosophy, Political Science and other humanities and social science

Title: Ideological Conviction and Interpretation of History: Reflection of Normalisation Depending on Citizen Attitudes Towards Regime

I am good at

My Skills

My Skills

My Professional Strengths

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

…is a quote of Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a niece of T. Roosevelt, the president of the United States Spojených států T. Roosevelta and I agree with what she said when because these beautiful and big dreams could be sometimes the strongest engine of our society. They’re are a source of my inspiration, proactivism and motivation to learn, to develop myself personally and professionaly and to turn adopted skills into practice.

I’d like to present you closely my four strengths with which I’m able to help to the people around me, to make them happy and carry out their dreams and implement their projects. To do so I always set up a cooperation on the basis of mutual responsible trust, regular updates on steps I’m going to do about the project’s process and I’m looking forward to having an open discussion and feedback time. It can sound as a cliché to you however a satiscation of my customers matters that’s why not only a profit but your positive references are the goal of my entrepreneurship path.

“Try to not become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” – A. Einstein

  • Project Management
  • Travelling & Experiences
  • Social Sites, Media & PR
  • Research, Texts, Analysis



Pretty Good


Language skills

Stejně jako dnešní doba vyžaduje hlubší znalosti umění mluvit, rozumět a psát více světovými jazyky, je také díky technologiím a možnostem přívětivá – je tedy snazší se v této oblasti vzdělávat. Využívám proto kurzy MOOC a zahraniční výjezdy, abych se zdokonalil a dokázal se domluvit nejen v denním životě, ale i při profesní dráze.

English level C1

Spanish level B2

Catalan level A1

Czech Native sp.

Estonian Beginner

French Beginner


I’ve achieved several positive results and certification showing well-done work of mine and referring to the knowledge I’ve already adopted. I was successful to achieve them thanks to my studies and other interesting opportunities in many available fields that I liked and felt their sense for my personal and professional development. Let’s look at them.

  • Government and Politics
  • International Relations and Security
  • European Affairs and EU Programs
  • Administration and Organising
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Management of Personnel Resources
  • Active and Non-formal Learning
  • Science and Research (Oral history)
  • Online marketing
  • Social Media and PR Management
  • E-commerce and Analytics
  • Emailing, Video, Display Ad
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